We strive to meet the needs of any client, project, or task. Below is a list of clients and stakeholders  BEC has successfully worked with:

  • Tribal Clients
  • Utilities
  • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • State and Federal Entities
  • The Oil and Gas Industry 
  • Private Corporations 
  • Other Environmental Consultancies 

Industries Served


Britannia Environmental Consulting’s (BEC) team capabilities include both the personnel and equipment to safely and efficiently perform a wide variety of environmental remediation work. BEC’s personnel are fully trained (OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] certified and munitions trained) and have comprehensive experience. BEC’s equipment capabilities include all standard sampling and survey tools, as well as the ability to map a site with survey grade equipment. 

BEC has experience with and routinely performs the following services for clients:

  • Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) - Our extensive experience with the MMRP includes the remediation of several thousand acres of land in New Mexico that has been impacted from munitions testing by the Department of Defense during and after World War II. We strive to return all lands back to their original condition and beauty. 

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments - BEC has undertaken many Phase 1 Assessments to identify the potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities for the purchase of real estate.

  • Management of Water Treatment Facility - BEC provides continual management and operations of water treatment works in New Mexico. The treatment systems provide remediation to contaminated groundwater distributed to municipal supply. BEC ensures that the systems operate around the clock and meet all drinking water standards.

  • Strategic Project Implementation Plans (SPIP) - We have written many SPIP documents for several NM Tribal entities to enable the clean up of lands following impacts from Department of Defense activities.

  • Removal of Debris from Sites - BEC has remediated a number of contaminated sites, including plane crash sites, and sites with a large amount of construction debris. At one site, over 200,000 lbs of concrete, metal, and wood debris were removed and recycled. 

  • Asset Management - We have extensive knowledge of asset management and maintenance. Several projects have been undertaken to manage water resources and infrastructure to enable appropriate investment strategies to be developed.

  • Services to the Oil and Gas Industry -  BEC has extensive remediation experience in the oil and gas industry. Projects include ground and soil water sampling and monitoring, borehole installation, and remediation initiation.  

  • Air/Soil/Water Quality and Sampling - We have a wide background in environmental sampling and monitoring. No task is too large or small.