Mark Lyon  Chemical/Environmental Specialist


Mark has 28 years of technical professional experience. He has direct experience with field sampling, field analytical services, installation and operation of monitoring instrumentation, contract laboratory management, chemical and radiochemical analytical methods, analytical data validation, field data collection with global positioning systems, geographic information systems, data presentation and interpretation, and report preparation. Mark is also an experienced project manager, field task supervisor, quality assurance/quality control overseer, and site health and safety officer. 

At Britannia Environmental Consulting,  we believe it is our responsibility to make a positive 
environmental impact through our choices and actions. Therefore, we operate our business through our Green Initiatives Program.  Key principles of the program include:
  • Encouraging the use of electronic copies
  • ​Using recycled paper for all reports
  • Powering our office through solar energy
  • Using hybrid vehicles whenever possible
  • Limiting travel by participating in meetings via teleconference when possible

Green Initiatives

Mindy Glover  President


Mindy is involved in business development and management as well as providing project support to the technical and field staff. She oversees the Quality Assurance/Quality Control program for all business aspects. Mindy has a degree in Architecture, and has successfully started and grown BEC over the last year. She has over 8 years of experience in directing and managing large projects for a wide array of clients. 

Mindy grew up in New Mexico. Having travelled, lived, and worked in a multitude of cities and countries she returned home with a widened sense of connection and responsibility.



Sarah Glover  GIS Specialist

BSc, MSc

Sarah is a geographical information (GIS) specialist with over 12 years experience in the GIS industry. She is specialized in all areas of GIS, and has vast experience in using GIS to support environmental projects.

Sarah lives and works in the UK, and produces all GIS work electronically in support of the projects located in the United States. 

Jason Ploss  Environmental Scientist


Jason has over 12 years of experience conducting and leading field and laboratory programs which include: soil and groundwater investigations, MMRP projects, extensive oil and gas project investigations, biological surveys, and environmental and remediation based activities. He also has extensive experience conducting oversight of construction/installation and demolition/removal of remediation systems and associated infrastructure. 

Jason grew up in New Mexico and has travelled and worked across most of the United States. He has a keen passion for the outdoors and its preservation.

James Glover  Project Manager/Environmental Scientist

BSc, MSc, PMP, CEnv, CSci, C.WEM 

James has a MSc in Water and Environmental Management and over 12 years of experience conducting and leading field programs which include: Military Munitions Response Program projects, soil and groundwater investigations, and extensive environmental and remediation based activities. He has a multi-faceted background in environmental compliance, water resource assessments, asset management, project organization, and project management. James moved to New Mexico 5 years ago from the United Kingdom, bringing with him a global understanding of environmental practices.